Discussione:Mondiali 2006: la stampa francese il giorno dopo la sconfitta

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from France[modifica]

it's very true, there's a huge feeling of sadness in France. People are calm, a very strange feeling. You know, there's not many (much?)reason to be happy in France this days, France team gave something very strong to french people, but today everyone here got a bad taste in mouth... :( (the red to Zidane is ok, even if everyone here thinks if he did this very nasty thing, he had a good reason to act, not just hot tempered blood explain that, Zidane's cousin told that he was called "terrorist" by Marco Materazzi. the source here in french : Mondial: Zidane aurait été traité de "terroriste" par Materazzi, selon un de ses cousins

anyway : well done Italia ! ;) Jacques Divol 15:40, 10 lug 2006 (CEST)

I too red about it, but the problem is: on the field players say many bad things, but they must never fight. Zidane HAD TO say to Materazzi "Italiano mafia", but never use his head like a bull. It was a great mistake, but we already knew Zidane is a bad character. (anyway: Merci!) Toobycome ti chiami? 16:09, 10 lug 2006 (CEST)
yes, we all agree, it was a great mistake, for a great player. sad. Zidane annouced he'ld explain his mistake this week or the next. Wait and See.

i hope you'll have a good night cheering !!!


Jacques Divol 20:45, 10 lug 2006 (CEST)